About Kaytee

Kaytee has been involved in the Health and Wellness industry for over 25 years. After graduating from Otago University with a double degree in Human Nutrition and Sports Science, Kaytee went on to become a member of the Nutrition Society of NZ and became a MINND foundation practitioner (specialising with Autism). Kaytee has continued on with further study within CHEK Institute – Holistic Lifestyle Coaching disciplines, ACNEM, and was also awarded a Prime Minister’s Scholarship. Kaytee is also an advisor on the board of Breast Cancer Network Foundation, which a foundation close to Kaytees heart.

Currently, Kaytee works at two busy clinics in Auckland, as well as heads weekend cancer masterclass workshops for patients, nutritionists, dietitians, healthcare staff/nurses, and the wider community. These courses and workshops range in content from fundamental principles to specific diet interventions, lifestyle and circadian manipulation, immune support, hormone balancing, the importance of glucose IGF-1 and insulin control, chemo-sensitizing agents to biohacking of genetic expression of healthy cells to create optimal health.

Kaytee specialises with a wide-range of health conditions. For more details please see current list HERE

A retired professional athlete herself, Kaytee has competed for New Zealand in BMX, Mountain Bike, Road racing and is a World Cup Gold Medalist in Track cycling, she has also competed in the Commonwealth Games. Her skill base has great depth and knowledge of the human body making it extremely helpful in diagnosis and treatment, as well as constructing exercise programs.

Meet the Team

Cheryl Wiggins

Cheryl, The Holistic Pharmacist, is passionate about creating wellness.

Having completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy at Rhodes University (1987) in Grahamstown, South Africa, she moved to NZ 16 years ago. Cheryl realised she had a  passion for holistic wellness when she received her own Hashimotos diagnosis. This led her to further her studies at the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine college, and a three year anti-aging Integrative Medicine Certification with the American Board of Anti-Aging in 2014. Getting to the root cause of hormone, thyroid/adrenal and auto immune conditions is Cheryls passion, and she has a personalised approach to treating her clients.

Kim Newton

Kim joined the team at the start of 2016, and is a training Holistic Nutritionist and Naturopath. Kim creates content for social media, the newsletters, as well as runs workshops and events at the clinic.

Kim has a special interest in mood disorders (depression and anxiety), as well as holistic weight management.


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