Cancer Workshop

The Cancer Care Workshop has been designed to help anyone currently dealing with cancer, anyone who has just received a cancer diagnosis, or anyone who is supporting a loved one with cancer and wants to learn more.

Kaytee is renowned in NZ for her integrative approach to cancer and provides the latest scientific research to help people understand how nutrition and lifestyle impacts the body on a physiological level. In this course you will be provided with tools and strategies to help you through recovery, and informed on how diet and appropriate supplementation can assist you on this journey

What will you learn?

  • Understand what cancer is
  • Nutritional advice
  • What to eat while going through chemotherapy plus loads more!


Client Testimonials

“Hello Kaytee, I really enjoyed your Cancer Care Workshop last Friday.  Your information is the next level up in regards to caring for oneself and your explanations are very easy to understand. Thank you so much for passing on your valuable  knowledge and advice”

“Thanks for a great session yesterday.  It was very informative and interesting and it was good that you made the information relevant to us all despite the fact that we came from different backgrounds. The setting was conducive to learning and the refreshments were very welcome.  Very much worth the trip to Auckland” A

 “I really loved meeting you today and the insights gained from the cancer workshop. I’ve been so bombarded by science, surgeons and drugs since my cancer journey started two months ago – today with you felt like the holistic nourishment I have been craving and missing” LK

“Having people like yourself come into my life just at the right time has given me the belief in myself to follow my own intuition. Without seeing and being inspired by others my journey would be that much harder and having you be part of that is a humbling thing for me. I know you have accomplished so much in the sporting arena but what I have taken from our brief meetings has nothing to do with sport or nutrition and far more to do with the genuine person you are that has such a huge passion for life just bursting to get out. Like I say I am so grateful that I have been lucky enough to have meet you at a time when I needed it most and be inspired by you and what you do. I have no motive here apart from letting you know the positive effect you have had on my life from the briefest of time in the scale of things – it really blows me away” DC

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