Kaytee works out of The Boyd Clinic every Monday, Tuesday and Friday. On Wednesday Kaytee is based at Appearance Wellness and Medical Centre in Albany.

Cheryl works out of The Boyd Clinic every second Friday.

Before your Consultation

Our online bookings makes it super-easy for you to book your appointments online. Once you have confirmed a booking, you will receive a booking confirmation email. The booking confirmation contains a Health Appraisal Form. Please allocate 45 minutes to fill this form in and bring it in with you.

To download the Health Questionnaire now, please click on the following links:

HAQ Health Appraisal Questionaire

Health & Lifestyle Awareness Questionnaire

As your appointment nears you will receive both email and text appointment reminders (provided we have both these contact details).

We ask you bring for your Initial Consultation

  • Your completed health questionnaire form
  • All medications and supplements you are taking (if you have too many, please note it down with the brand and dosage).
  • Your latest blood results from your GP, as well as any specialist note, medical notes etc

Initial Appointment – 90 Minutes $225

In your initial consultation, in-depth review of your current diet, exercise regime, lifestyle and medications will be done, and we may also recommend specific functional tests for you to carry out, so we can investigate health issues such as intolerance’s, stress hormones, gut health and deficiencies on a deeper level.

We will help implement your plan into your everyday life and we will monitor your progress by providing ongoing support to help you stay on track. You will have access to all of our support materials such as specific recipes, tips and tricks of healthy shopping, learn the importance of keeping a healthy pantry as well as participate in monthly cooking classes that are on offer.

Follow-up appointment

After your initial consultation, you can then come in for a follow-up appointment, where we will review any tests and review your progress. Follow-up appointments can typically last between 30-90 minutes long, depending on the functional tests you have had done.