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kaytee Boyd speaking servicesWith an extensive career in the nutrition industry, Kaytee has gained significant reputation for the one-on-one work she has done with her clients, as well as the role she has played doing corporate speaking throughout the country. Having worked with clients with numerous health conditions, Kaytee has spent over a decade gathering research and qualifications in order to understand the pivotal role nutrition plays in how we feel, and draws upon this expertise when educating large audiences.

Kaytee is a seasoned nutrition and wellness speaker, and is regularly asked by big and small corporations alike to share her insights on a wide variety of health and wellness topics. Kaytee’s ability to connect with her audience is driven by her passion to not only explore the root of common ailments, but to also educate people on how to restore and maintain optimal energy levels. She maintains an integrative approach, and provides practical knowledge with easy-to-implement ideas which can truly maximise your health,


Pricing will be customised to fit the groups’ specific needs, such as number of attendees, the length of the talk, and any interactive requirements. Please feel free to call us at the clinic and we can discuss all the options we have available.

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  • "I just wanted to say a how lovely it was to meet you in Fiji and thank you so much for giving up your time and coming to our seminar. You are a very inspiring NZ lady who really represent Environs ethos in NZ perfectly. You are very professional with a stellar career and experience, but you have that down to earth honesty and naturalness that we value so much in NZ. We had wonderful feedback from everyone and very, very positive comments on your presentation."
    Donna Smith @ Environ
    Managing Director

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