Great News – Just saw my oncologist and my bloods (CA15-3) are now down to 41! That is the lowest they have ever been. Thanks again for all your help and guidance.
Carol, Auckland

Gallbladder Godsend

“Hi Kaytee, I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU so much for ‘fixing’ my gallbladder. I really think you are the one person out of all the physicians I saw that sured my problems. I’ve not had any problems since and our wee girl Aila arrived happy and healthy. Both of us are doing great! Thanks again!!!”
J.B, Auckland

Prepared to be Inspired

In your lifetime you get the honour of meeting a few truly exceptional people that change your life for the better. And for me, Kaytee Boyd is one them. Her knowledge and understanding of nutrition and sport science is truly world class. But for me, it is her enthusiasm, attention to detail and sincerity that set her apart from everyone else. With Kaytee, she only ever gives 110% to all her customers so be prepared to be inspired!

Kaytee was recommended to me as I was looking to improve my diet so that I could compete internationally in my field of sport. Over the years, I have always struggled to lose weight and more importantly, keep it off. However, under her expert guidance I have easily achieved my target weight and have had no problem keeping it off as well. Her recipes are easy to prepare and are very, very tasty – you actually do not feel like you are on a diet! Kaytee is my rockstar and I will forever be indebted to her for changing my life (for the better).
J.B, Auckland

Instrumental in many positive health changes

“Kaytee Boyd is an outstanding Health Professional who my son and I have had the good fortune to be professionally supported and mentored by. Kaytee has been instrumental in many positive health changes for my family, holistically, nutritionally and in a sports coaching capacity. Kaytee is upbeat, warm and compassionate, and whilst achieving so highly herself, has genuine empathy for where you are, where you have been and where you want to go.

KShe is continually supportive, positive and encouraging, with the background to intuitively know just what you need. Kaytee gives you the tools to reach your goals, while supporting you every step of the way. What I love about Kaytee is her total holistic approach, boundless energy, great sense of humour and endless depth and breadth of knowledge and medical understanding.

We would, and often do, highly recommend Kaytee to anyone who wants to achieve more in life, improve their wellbeing, and achieve to their highest potential. In our mind she is the one in a million, ultimate Health Professional.”
D.C, Auckland

Back on top of it again

I was in such a state after chemo, had incredible reflux and no energy. I couldn’t figure out what was going on and had tried everything, been to three doctors and no nothing was helping me. After a month of seeing kaytee I was absolutely winning, it was candida and on her plan it was under control while building up my energy. Until i had to go on a round of antibiotics last week – general anesthetic and get four wisdom teeth out. Back on top of it again now. It’s amazing how quickly it can all clear up with the right foods and supplements.
K.J, Auckland

Thanks so much for all the advice and direction.

You’ve helped me realise that I really have to work with the plan, I can’t keep going as I was. The diet is easy, who would have guessed??!!! Sorry I was rather difficult to start, thought you may take everything I love food-wise away from me!!! No headaches or migraines. Wow. My husband (who never goes to the doctor) is booked in to see you next week.
M.O, Auckland

You have that down to earth honesty and naturalness that we value so much in NZ

Dear Kaytee, I just wanted to say a how lovely it was to meet you in Fiji and thank you so much for giving up your time and coming to our seminar. You are a very inspiring NZ lady who really represent Environs ethos in NZ perfectly. You are very professional with a stellar career and experience, but you have that down to earth honesty and naturalness that we value so much in NZ. We had wonderful feedback from everyone and very, very positive comments on your presentation.

It has made a difference to all aspects of life

My wife  came to see you to help sort out some health and nutrition, weight, etc, issues.

It would not be right if I did not tell you how grateful I am for the effect you have had on her/our lives. She is like a new person.

 It has made such a difference to all aspects of life and – instead of being worried about her – I am so impressed by her energy and health (and – frankly – how good she looks).

Thanks so very much.

A.P Auckland



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