A glowing picture of health, Jane Lowe (owner of The Yoga Connectionis living proof that beauty starts from within.

This month we chat to Jane and find out more about what inspired her to start her business, and the benefits yoga has had on her health and wellbeing.

Hi Jane, can you tell us a little about yourself and what ‘The Yoga Connection’ is?

I took my first yoga class about 8-9 years ago, come from a writing background, am a dreadful cook but fussy eater and have come out loud and proud about drinking decaf instead of the real stuff. Sort of…

The Yoga Connection is a website that lists all the yoga studios in New Zealand as well as events, courses and teacher trainings. Plus there’s a community blog page called YogaTalk, Featured Yogis and more! It’s a hub for all things yoga, meditation and wellness and came about through wanting to share the passion I have for my own practice. I started it at the end of 2014, just focusing on Auckland and went nationwide last year. It’s completely taken over my life and I love it!

The community aspect of yoga plays a big part in its appeal. How have you seen the yoga community develop in Auckland?

Even in the short time TYC has been going I’ve seen huge growth in the Auckland yoga world. There are more studios, more events, retreats and trainings. And a ton more teachers! Yet somehow it all works, there’s room for everyone and the differences and challenges that surface help create a diverse and interesting community. Most importantly, there are so many more people interested in yoga and meditation. It’s all good.

How do you think people can incorporate yoga into their life if they’re super busy and limited on time?

I think those very reasons alone make it even more important to incorporate yoga into your life. If you can’t easily get to a studio, you might want to look at some private sessions to work with your schedule or try some online classes. Even if you could do a beginners course (there are lots that take place over evenings or weekends), you can create your own home practice and use TYC to gather info and attend the odd workshop. But the main thing I always hear from my own teachers is to just take a small amount of time each day, be consistent and take some deep breaths. That’s your yoga!

Aside form the physical aspect, what other health benefits do you think yoga can offer?

Where do I start?! So many. My husband made the mistake of saying how calm I seemed when I first started practicing J But it’s true. I think the combination of growing up/older and yoga has brought an honesty and peace to my life no matter what it throws at me. Learning to simply breathe properly, to tune in has been empowering.

What is the biggest life lesson you have learnt from yoga?

To trust in myself.

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